Pamela Brennan
Pamela Brennan

One Hundred Photographs
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Pamela Brennan
Pamela Brennan's One Hundred Photographs plays more or less by the rules of strummy folk and country music. But that doesn't mean that Brennan doesn't deliver a killer set of songs that is as perfect for the (hopefully) near days of summer as it is for a cold and chilly, blustery day. The tunes are inviting, sounding raw and real, with the band carrying the music, sketching out intriguing fills along the way without stepping on Brennan's toes. That serves the record well, because Brennan's voice is at its heart — her sculpted melodies

pulling you into the song's midst with the twist of a word. She throws a little "Wo-ho-ho" into the verses of "Amsterdam"; it's not a lot in terms of complexity, but it's the sort of thing that can make a song, elevating it beyond the norm and into the realm of beauty. And Brennan does that again and again on One Hundred Photographs, her voice dipping and weaving between disarming, hopeful, broken — whatever the song calls out for.


- Eden Munro, Vue Weekly, Edmonton AB

Pamela Brennan

Oct 25th, 2013
The Melody Bar at The Gladstone Hotel

opening for Tilda - 9pm